Parental rights

It's my belief that the natural order of societal organization as ordained by our Creator establishes the family as the foundational building block. Parents have been given the responsibility to "train up their child, or ward, in the way the child should go." This is not a government responsibility. Especially when there is an abundance of evidence that governments do not have the best interests of the governed at heart.

Over the years governments have usurped this responsibility at gunpoint. Society has accepted this usurpation based upon the mistaken view that governments always know what’s best for society, act more responsibility than the average citizen and always act in the best interests of the governed. I hope that statement didn’t cause those of you not on the blue pill to puke.

Democrats, with the help of some Republicans, have been, and continue, making war on the nuclear family, the foundation of a sound, stable society. They’ve been undermining the moral foundations of society by promoting immoral behaviors and junk science. They have turned the educational process from one of producing outstanding, independent, freedom loving, academically skilled citizens capable of rational, independent thinking into one of delivering government propaganda for the purpose of producing compliant, dumb downed, unskilled zombies with severe cases of Arrested Emotional Development (AED). It’s so bad that Universities and Colleges now have to provide safe spaces for students equipped with crayons, coloring books and Teddy Bears. It’s pathetic. How can anyone claim that governments have the best interests of their citizens as a top priority?

As your U.S Senator, I will promote laws which reestablish the inviolable superior right of parents over the criminal government with regard to all aspects of the upbringing of their children. For example, see the California Parental Rights Act. I will seek to abolish all laws that enable the government to usurp their Creator ordained and directed parental rights and responsibilities.    

I will seek to ensure that parental are not forced to meet government imposed standards. Current worthless government standards produce students having subpar academic skills ranking 35th compared students educated in other nations. This doesn’t even take into account the production of significant numbers of students with AED who are, therefore, unprepared for real life events. How can students with AED make any worthwhile contribution to society?

I will seek to ensure that parents are empowered to implement significantly higher standards of academic excellence than guide government schools. They will not be forced implement the lower government imposed educational standards. In addition, parents will not be forced to indoctrinate their children in the politically correct thinking and propaganda delivered by government schools (that, in fact, is the main purpose of government schools). They can raise their children to be morally upright and to have the honed abilities to reason logically and separate fact from fiction in regard to pseudoscience versus objective science.

I will promote the antidote to the current management structure of government schools whereby elected school boards supposedly implement the will of parents. Everyone should recognize what a farce that is. The educational establishment makes sure that only those who fully support the dumbed down standards of government schools and their delivery of government propaganda are elected. I will seek to ensure that parents have the ultimate say and aren't held captive by government lackey school board members.

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