Welcome to the Lee Olson for U.S. Senate (California) campaign information website.

Are any of the following issues on your list of concerns?

  • The country is heading in the wrong direction.  According to Rasmussen polls typically 2/3 of the country thought so during 2016, 55% – 65% thought so during 2017 and 52% -56% currently think so.  Those numbers should increase noticeably now that 1) Republicans, with Trump’s approval, have betrayed their base again by passing a massive spending bill and 2) Trump has started a no-win tariff war which rewards a small clique of citizens but punishes all Americans via increased costs for goods.  It’s a hidden tax where the government benefits at the expense of we mundanes.  We’re big time losers.
  • Our representatives don’t listen to the average citizen, only to those that have money to buy their votes.  During every election cycle, the candidates claim they will represent us.  They even have a list of ills they will cure in our favor and promise to drain the swamp.  But, when they arrive in Washington, DC, they almost immediately join the swamp crowd in order to reap its benefits at our expense.  Rasmussen reports that only 12% of citizens think our representatives are doing a good job; 54% think they are doing a poor job.  Undergirding these numbers is the belief of 68% of voters who don’t think it’s likely Congress will address the big problems (including 28% who believe it’s not likely at all).  And yet, citizens keep voting the incumbent candidates back into office, election after election.  Is that insane or what?
  • The government is getting bigger and more tyrannical with each passing day.  That growth comes at our expense.  The government must necessarily increase taxes (i.e. steal increasingly more of our hard earned income) in order to fund its growth.
  • The national debt is exploding out of control.  The government is hiding its increasing growth by passing faux tax cuts even though it’s simultaneously increasing government spending.  That means the deficit must be covered by taking on even more federal debt. 
  • The government has no concern for the welfare of Americans.  How can it be that a government which takes more and more of Americans hard earned income, adds 320 new pages of freedom usurping regulations to the Federal Register every day, has built an extensive surveillance network to spy on every aspect of Americans financial, social, political, and religious lives and yet denies Americans the same knowledge of its activities under the guise of "National Security" possibly be concerned about the welfare of Americans?  Obviously, it can't and, therefore, it isn't.  Lee wants you to implement this association in your mind.  When you hear a government spokesman hide behind the term "National Security," immediately think "Cover-up" because that's what's actually going on.  The government wants to keep us in the dark concerning its abundant nefarious activities.  Our Creator told us about people that hide behind "National Security."  He said, "Men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."  No truer words were ever spoken about the U.S. Government and its persistent chant of "National Security."
  • The government not only has no concern for the current generation of Americans, it has no conscience regarding the debt it’s creating that will be dumped on the backs of the future generation consisting of our children and grandchildren.  What kind of people are we that we let the government bind our posterity in an inescapable debtor’s prison which is not of their making?  A people of conscience wouldn’t wish debtor’s prison on someone they love.      

Real Change for a Change - No More Fake Change

You won’t find this a typical politician’s campaign website promising the voter’s some nebulous nirvana because Lee’s not a politician.  Rather, he’s a typical, responsible citizen who, after 7½ decades of observing and analyzing political and cultural trends, has determined that U.S. citizens have been, and will endlessly continue to be, enslaved and raped by politicians and their political system.  This is true for all levels of government but especially for the Federal government

It’s time to end our enslavement and pillage by an increasingly tyrannical government.  That's why Lee is running for the U.S. Senate.  He's determined to promote and successfully achieve freedom, peace and prosperity for all, not just the Special Interests.  That's why Lee's also Chairman of the Committee To End Slavery which has the purpose of "Breaking the Chains That Bind Us."

What Should be Apparent to all Americans

If American citizens should have learned anything by now, it’s that returning the incumbents to office is a guarantee for maintaining the status quo.   It’s insane to expect any beneficial change.  In fact, voting for anyone from an established political party (Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, et. al.) is a sure way to maintain the status quo. 

It’s way past time to elect new leadership.  But not just leadership with a new face.  It must be leadership with in-depth knowledge of the issues and a proven plan that addresses the major concerns.  It must be leadership which understands that in order to overcome the problems besetting Americans, they must possess the freedom required to pursue wealth creation and must live in an environment of peace so that wealth created is not destroyed in the vain pursuit of war for world domination as is our current predicament.  Lee can and will vigorously provide that type of leadership. 

Consent of the Governed?  Not in America

It should be evident to all that what we were told about government legitimacy during our government grade school years isn’t true.  We were told that our government gets its legitimacy from the “consent of the governed” meaning that the government does only what we citizens agree to.  Therefore, the government is supposed to be our servant, not our master.  We’re supposed to be the master.

In fact, the reality is just the opposite.  The government can do whatever it wants, to whom ever it wants, for whatever reason it wants, at any time it wants.  We citizens have no recourse.  The government runs the court system and makes sure it always wins.  It’s gotten to the point that there’s no justice for Americans.  It’s way past time to demand that the government become our servant, not our master.

You would think that our representatives would place our interests above all others and rein in our government master to the extent that it would become our servant.  But, alas, that won’t happen.  In the past, no matter who we’ve elected, we’ve observed that they are actually representing special interests who can fatten their personal wallets, not us.  They serve the interests of the moneyed, not our interests.  Thus, the laws enacted benefit the moneyed special interests to the detriment of us mundanes. 

It’s gotten to the point that the top 1% of income earners take home 20% of the pre-tax income.  But, the bottom 50% of income earners take home only 12% of the pre-tax income.  The gap is not due to the superior skills of the moneyed, it’s due to fixing of the system for the benefit of the moneyed special interests by our elected representatives.  It’s time to challenge government laws and regulations that produce such unconscionable income gaps.

Campaign Slogans

The first of Lee’s three campaign slogans addresses this very issue of our representatives turning their backs on us to lick the boots of the moneyed special interests.

Representing our Interests, not the Special Interests

The second of Lee’s campaign slogans addresses the issue of our being subject to enslavement and pillage by our increasingly tyrannical government.

Getting Government out of our Wallets and our Lives

The third, and final, of Lee’s campaign slogans addresses truths that you’ve likely never heard of or thought about.  Even though it’s the final campaign slogan, it’s by far the most fundamental slogan because of its expression of undeniable eternal truth.  The kind of truth that sets one free.  It encapsulates not only what is necessary to restore our citizen position as master, not slave, but what Lee fully intends to do as your U.S. Senator from California.

Providing Leadership out of the Death Paradigm we Live Under of "Slavery, War and Poverty for all but the Special Interests” into the Life Paradigm Intended for us of “Freedom, Peace and Prosperity for all” 

Californians will Make a Life or Death Decision on June 5th

California residents have a unique, and possibly one time only, opportunity to choose between Life or Death.  Residents of other states don’t have that opportunity.  They only have the standard choice we’ve been given all these years of the choice between fast Death (Democrats) and slow Death (Republicans).  Both choices being Death choices because they both operate under the Death Paradigm of “Slavery, War and Poverty for all but the Special Interests.”

On 5 Jun California voters will make the only choice that matters between 1 of 2 choices.  Repeat, nothing else matters.  The choice that they make will determine the direction they will be lead in.  The direction of Life or the direction of Death.  Therefore, they will be making a Life or Death decision on 5 June.  Lee is the only candidate that will provide leadership in the direction of Life.  All other candidates are the candidates of Death who will continue to lead us down the same path of Death we've been constrained to for multiple decades.

What do you Mean Americans are Slaves?

Many of you may be wondering what does he mean by slavery.  Americans are the freest people in the world.  If you think that, you’re uninformed.  Lee wants you to implant this thought indelibly in your mind.  “You either own property or you are property.”  

The owner of property can do whatever he wants with the property.  He could enhance it, repurpose it, divide it up, sell some or all of it, etc. without permission from anyone or threat of violence by anyone.  If he didn’t own the property, he would need permission from the owner if he wants to do something that would change the property or the owner could retaliate.  If he needs permission, he’s obviously not the owner, he’s essentially a slave of the owner.  You surely know that slaves are property, they don’t own property

Given that concept, do we citizens own property or are we property?  Lee maintains that we are property, the property of the government.  We own nothing, the government owns everything.  We don’t even own the most fundamental property that is exclusively ours.  That would be our bodies.  We must have the approval of the government as to what we can or can’t put in our bodies, what we can or can’t think or say and the list goes on and on.

We don’t even own physical property including the homes we live in.  But, you say I own my house free and clear.  I have the deed to the house.  It’s on file in the County Recorder’s office.  Well, the truth is that you don’t own the house.  What happens when you don’t pay the property tax? 

You know don’t you.  The government will kick you out and give the house to someone else who will pay the property tax.  That so called deed in the Recorder’s Office is nothing more than a rental agreement between you and the government.  It gives you the first right to occupy the government’s house as long as you pay the rent.  If you don’t pay the rent you get kicked out and the government finds another tenant who will pay the rent.  Yes, fellow citizens, we are all slaves on the government plantation known as America in the subdivision known as California.

The Primary Reason Americans are Enslaved and Pillaged - War

Lee already mentioned above the poverty brought upon us mundanes by the special interests for their benefit only.  But, it's not only the special interests at fault.  It's the fault of everyday solid citizen Americans who have willingly been stimulated into a war frenzy.

A decade or ago Lee looked back up his life and came to the realization that the U.S. was at war somewhere in the world every day of his life.  He’s never known a day when peace prevailed.  That’s true up to this day and looks like it will be true forever.  There are no signs of peace on the far horizon and that likely extends to infinity.

That’s major league bad news.  America’s obsession with war has had dire consequences both abroad and at home.  As Lee explains in his War issue paper, war destroys wealth, it doesn’t create wealth.  Obviously, America's attacks on foreign soil destroys the property of those being attacked and thus their wealth.  But, because the implements of war are created by extraction of the wealth of Americans, the wealth of Americans is also destroyed.  That extracted wealth could have been put to use creating more wealth.  But, alas, just the opposite has occurred, impoverishing us mundanes.

War has been ramped up so much over the past century that America has gone from being the wealthiest country in the world to now being the biggest debtor nation in the world by a factor of more than 2 over the 2nd highest debtor nation.  Our wealth has not only been destroyed, but we’ve destroyed the wealth of our children and grandchildren, turning them into debtors in debtor’s prison.  And they didn’t even commit the crime.

That begs the question, parents why do you hate your children and grandparents, why do you hate your children and grandchildren?  You say I don’t hate my children, and grandchildren, I love them.  But, how can putting them in debtor’s prison be anything but an expression of hate.  Putting someone in debtor’s prison against their will, or without their knowledge, doesn’t qualify as an act of love.

It’s way past time for Americans to put away their obsession with war.  As your U.S. Senator, Lee will join with other likeminded Senator’s to terminate America’s unending attacks on foreign soil, bring the troops home and close wealth draining U.S. bases on foreign soil.  There will never be prosperity in the absence of an environment of peace.  Continual war will produce ever increasing levels of poverty and enslavement.

Beware of the Termites

Not only have Americans been stimulated into a war frenzy, to their extreme detriment, but they've been bamboozled by the 2017 Trump/Republican lead Congress Tax Reform bill (the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act).  The majority of Americans are raving about it.  Even though most of the tax breaks go to the special interests, several companies have announced that bonuses will be paid to employees and salaries will be raised and employment levels are expected to rise. 

Almost everyone is upbeat about these positive effects of the Tax Reform bill.  Very few have bothered to look behind the curtain.  If they did, they would find that the Tax Reform bill is a sham.  Yes the Federal government will take less income tax from us, but the Republicans, and their Democrat cohorts, voted for a significant increase in spending by the Federal government.  That means the Federal government will have to borrow more money than previous planned.  Therefore, there will be a greater increase in the national debt than planned.  This burden will fall on our children and grandchildren who had no say in their being put into debtors prison by our wonderful Congress.  Plus, there are major tax increases coming in 2021, 2022 and 2025.  

You can think of it this way.  America is like a house being destroyed by termites.  Trump and Congress came along and patched the visible rotten outward portions of the house and gave it a fresh coat of paint.  The house looks absolutely spectacular from the outside.  Everyone is so proud of it.  But Trump and the Congress didn't get rid of any of the termites (wasteful government expenditures).  In fact, they deliberately injected more termites into the structure. 

For example, an additional $80 billion was thrown at the Pentagon that has to be spent in the next 6 months of FY2018.  That's $242 taken out of the pockets of every American citizen.  Do you suppose you would rather have kept that $242 for adding to your savings account or purchasing something you've been putting off due to budget stresses?  Well, you might be a relieved to know that Congress is working to help the Pentagon avoid a 'foolish spending' spree when the new money starts to flow.  Aren't our Congress critters just the most wonderful people?  Clearly that have our best interests are heart.  Not!

The termites are still eating away.  They're having a great banquet and loving every morsel of the structure they're dining on.  The house will come down, guaranteed.  There's no other possibility.  It's already deliberately baked in by our unelected, unaccountable Deep State/Shadow Government overlords.  Will it come down on our heads or the heads of our children and grandchildren? 

Lee fully recognizes and understands this existential threat to the health and welfare of Americans.  He has a proven strategy that will act as an antidote to the threat.  This antidote is, in fact, the only one that will work.

Snapshot Overview of Lee’s Strategy for Achieving Freedom, Peace and Prosperity for All

The following is a concise statement of the strategy (initiatives) Lee will pursue to fulfill his campaign slogans and his objectives of Freedom, Peace and Prosperity for All.  Lee considers these initiatives mandatory because his objectives cannot be achieved unless the below listed multiple ills of the current Death Paradigm forced upon us by our unelected, unaccountable overlords (slave masters) are remedied.  For additional details, see Lee's Issue page. 

The statements are extracted from an article “How to Make America Great Again” by Laurence Vance; published by THE FUTURE OF FREEDOM FOUNDATION.  He first assesses whether or not Donald J. Trump has done what he promised to do to “Make America Great Again.”  After showing numerous examples that Trump, and his Republican Party, have not made America great again, nor will they ever make America great again, Laurence claims no one can make America great again.  It will not take a person, it will take a shift in philosophy to make America great again; specifically, Libertarianism.

Note that Laurence did not say the Libertarian Party.  There’s a good reason for that.  The so-called Libertarian Party is anything but Libertarian.  It’s political philosophy and objectives are indisputably not Libertarian.  It’s given Libertarianism a bum rap.  In early February the Libertarian Party publically disassociated itself from Lee’s mentors Dr. Ron Paul (Mr. Libertarian) and Judge Andrew Napolitano (see Lee’s About page).

Although the following explanation of Libertarianism and some ways it would implemented are direct quotes of Laurence Vance, they accurately represent key elements of Lee's strategy to end the threat to the health and welfare of Americans posed by our slave master overlords.

Libertarianism is the philosophy that says that people should be free from individual, societal, or government interference to live their lives any way they desire, pursue their own happiness, accumulate as much wealth as they can, assess their own risks, make their own choices, engage in commerce with anyone who is willing to reciprocate, participate in any economic activity for their profit, and spend the fruits of their labor as they see fit, as long as their actions are peaceful, their associations are voluntary, their interactions are consensual, and they don’t violate the personal or property rights of others.

The creed of libertarianism is nonaggression: freedom from aggression and violence against person and property as long as one respects the person and property of others. The principle undergirding the libertarian philosophy is what is known as the nonaggression principle. Because government is the greatest violator of the nonaggression principle, personal liberty, and property rights, libertarians oppose government intervention, regulation, and control of the economy and society; government regulation of business and commerce; and government restraint of peaceful, private, voluntary, and consensual peaceful activity.

To the libertarian, the only possible legitimate functions of government are defense, and judicial and policing activities. All government actions, at any level of government, beyond those functions are illegitimate. As long as people don’t infringe upon the liberty of others by committing, or threatening to commit, acts of fraud, theft, aggression, or violence against their person or property, the government should just leave them alone.

It is libertarianism that can make America great again.

Making America great again

It is not higher tariffs, better trade agreements, a lower trade deficit, increased defense spending, more military equipment to cops, a border wall, more immigration restrictions, tighter Cuba restrictions, buy-America campaigns, increased civil asset forfeitures, more countries bombed, more troops sent abroad, increased drone strikes, tougher enforcement of federal marijuana laws, strengthening military and law enforcement, or policing more of the world that will make America great again. Trump’s policies will not make America great again.

But libertarianism will. The following are some libertarian ideas to limit the size and scope of government, protect property rights, and increase personal and commercial freedom. It is these ideas that will make America great again.

Repeal all victimless-crime laws. Every crime should have a tangible and identifiable victim with real harm and measurable damages. Rape, robbery, assault, child abuse, battery, burglary, theft, arson, looting, kidnapping, shoplifting, embezzlement, murder, manslaughter — those are real crimes. Possessing illegal drugs, prostitution, ticket scalping, and illegal gambling are victimless crimes.

Using drugs may be addictive, unhealthy, and immoral, but it is not for the government to decide what risks Americans are allowed to take and what kinds of behaviors they are allowed to engage in. Regarding prostitution, why should a service that is legal to give away be illegal if one charges for it? Regarding ticket scalping, what could possibly be wrong with an exchange of tickets for cash between a willing buyer and a willing seller, as long as their activity does not violate the property rights of the owner of the ground where they make their exchange? Regarding gambling, all Americans should be able to do with their money as they see fit, even if that means wasting it on vices such as gambling.

And regarding victimless crimes in general, why should peaceful, private, voluntary, and consensual activity be criminalized? The United States leads the world in incarceration rates. Only violent criminals should be incarcerated, and no one should ever be locked up for committing a victimless crime.

Repeal all anti-discrimination laws. Discrimination is another crime in search of a victim. Anti-discrimination laws violate private- property rights, freedom of association, freedom of contract, and freedom of thought. Discriminating against someone is not aggressing against him. Discrimination means freedom. A free society must include the freedom to discriminate against any individual or group for any reason and on any basis.

Institute educational freedom. It is not the proper role of government to provide or pay for the education of anyone. Education is, in the case of children, a parental responsibility; in the case of adults, it is an individual responsibility. In either case, it is not the responsibility of government. And of course, on the federal level, the Constitution nowhere authorizes the federal government to have anything to do with education. No American should be forced to pay for the education of any other American.  (Note:  Lee has already proposed these ideas here and here.)

Institute medical freedom. It is not the proper role of government to provide or pay for the medical care or insurance of anyone. Medical care is, in the case of children, a parental responsibility; in the case of adults, it is an individual responsibility. In either case, it is not the responsibility of government. And of course, on the federal level, the Constitution nowhere authorizes the federal government to have anything to do with medical care or insurance. No American should be forced to pay for the medical care of any other American.

End occupational licensing. Depending on the state, many occupations — such as barbers, lawyers, accountants, travel agents, locksmiths, auctioneers — require a certificate of permission and approval from a government-sponsored board. But why should anyone have to get permission from the government to open a business, engage in commerce, work in certain occupations, have a particular vocation, or provide a service to willing customers? There is absolutely no reason why all occupations could not be privately certified.

End all government subsidies. It is not the job of the government to subsidize agriculture, housing, scientific or medical research, cultural activities of individuals or organizations, or health insurance. All grants for research or the arts should come from private sources. And agriculture, housing, and health insurance should be treated just like any other sector of the economy.

Institute travel freedom. Any American should have the right to travel to any country by any means for any reason for any period of time and spend any amount of his money while he is there. Any American business should have the liberty to decide which countries it wants or doesn’t want to do business in or with.

Institute real free trade. Trade does not result in winners and losers; it is always mutually beneficial or it would not take place. Trade does not need to be managed by the government with trade agreements. The trade deficit is a government accounting fiction. Free trade needs no trade organizations, trade agreements, or trade treaties. Free trade means that trade is conducted without being hindered by tariffs, quotas, barriers, regulations, restrictions, or dumping rules. All forms and levels of protectionism require government central planning. Free trade is fair trade whenever it doesn’t involve government subsidies, crony capitalism, or a government import-export bank.

End the welfare state. The federal government operates about 80 means-tested welfare programs that limit benefits or payments on the basis of the beneficiary’s income or assets. The best-known of these programs are Medicaid; the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP); the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP [formerly known as food stamps]); Women, Infants, and Children (WIC); Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF); Head Start; Healthy Start; Supplemental Security Income (SSI); school breakfast and lunch programs; and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). All of these means-tested programs, as well as the crown jewel of the welfare state — Social Security — have the same three problems: 1. They are not authorized by the Constitution. 2. They are not a legitimate purpose of government. 3. They are wealth-redistribution schemes. All charity should be private and voluntary.

Eliminate refundable tax credits. There is nothing wrong with regular tax credits. They are simply dollar-for-dollar reductions in the amount of income tax owed. Tax credits may reduce the tax owed to zero, but if there is no taxable income to begin with, then no credit can be taken. Tax credits, like their cousins tax deductions, are always good things. But refundable tax credits give the “taxpayer” a refund of money that he never paid in to begin with. The money is simply taken from real taxpayers and transferred to him. Refundable tax credits are the ultimate form of welfare because they are payments made in cash (like TANF or SSI) rather than payments made to a third party, as with Medicaid, or deposited on an Electronic Benefit Card (EBC), as with food stamps.

End all foreign aid. The government has no right to take money from Americans against their will and give it to foreigners, NGOs, or foreign governments. Any American who wants to help the poor, starving, or underprivileged in any country is welcome to do so on his own or through any number of private organizations as long as he does so with his own money. All foreign aid should be private and voluntary.

Stop fighting foreign wars. Foreign wars are never necessary and always senselessly sacrifice American blood and treasure. They also make Americans less safe because they expand hatred of the United States and create terrorists and insurgents who resent being bombed, invaded, and occupied.  (Note:  see Lee's War issue paper showing the war destroys wealth, it doesn't create wealth.  It destroys both the wealth of those attacked and of Americans.  As Lee also shows, every soldier has died in vain and for a lie.  The troops do not die for their country.)

Stop policing the world. U.S. foreign policy has departed significantly from the foreign policy of the Founders. It was Thomas Jefferson who described U.S. foreign policy as “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none.” It was John Quincy Adams who maintained that America “goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy.” U.S. foreign policy is reckless, belligerent, and meddling. Both of these former presidents would be aghast at how far U.S. foreign policy has departed from the ideals of neutrality and nonintervention that they championed.

Dismantle the U.S. Empire. The United States maintains an expensive and extensive empire of hundreds of thousands of troops and a thousand military installations around the world. Spending on the U.S. military is a huge part of the federal budget. Yet much of it would be totally unnecessary if the U.S. military were reserved strictly for defending America, securing American borders, patrolling American coasts, guarding American shores, and watching over American skies instead of doing those things in other countries. All foreign U.S. bases should be closed and all U.S. troops stationed overseas should be brought home.  (Note:  See Lee's War issue paper proposing this with data to support it.)

Abolish the income tax. The federal government is not entitled to a certain percentage of the income of any individual or business. If Congress strictly limited spending just to what was authorized by the Constitution, the federal government wouldn’t need any portion of Americans’ incomes to fund its military adventures, income-transfer programs, wealth-redistribution schemes, or assorted boondoggles.  (Note:  Lee has already proposed this idea.)

These changes would not only make America great again, they would make America better than she ever was.

Thank you Laurence. 


Lee considers war the most important existential issue.  If we don’t get that issue right, none of the other issues will matter.  We won’t be around to be affected by them.

However, an equally potentially life threatening issue has recently arisen that may affect Americans sooner than the consequences of war.  That issue is the Republican introduction of a bill requiring all Americans to obtain and possess at all times a government approved ID document.  See Lee’s National ID issue paper in the Issues section for an explanation of why this bill is potentially life threatening.

After you read Lee’s issue paper on Sovereignty, you will know freedom is an endowment to us from our Creator.  It’s our birthright bestowed upon us by our Creator.  The problem is that there are always criminals who prey upon people by getting control over them, always at gunpoint. These criminals essentially usurp the endowed freedom of the people, taking it for themselves.

If you knew as much about what’s going on behind the scenes politically, and read an article by Attorney and Rutherford Institute President, John Whitehead, “Twilight of the American Courts,” published on 5 June 2017, you would have recognized, as Lee did, the significance of the article.  The day it was published essentially was the official announcement of the complete eradication of the Creator endowed freedom of Americans.

A review of critical court rulings over the past decade or so, including some ominous ones by the U.S. Supreme Court, reveals a startling and steady trend towards pro-police state rulings by an institution concerned more with establishing order and protecting the ruling class and government agents than with upholding the rights enshrined in the Constitution.

Freedom is a zero sum game.  Our birthright of freedom means our Creator intended that we be totally free with respect to ourselves and our property, to the extent that we don’t aggress on the freedom of our fellow human beings (100% freedom).  What happens is that as the various levels of governments arise and evolve our freedom declines in proportion to the amount usurped from us by them. 

Both the Executive and Legislative branches of government have been conducting an assault on the Constitutional protections of our freedom.  As a political junkie Lee's been observing and documenting this ongoing assault being subsequently validated by the Judicial branch at every step of the way.  Mr. Whitehead’s article makes it clear that as of 5 June 2017, with the blessing of the Judiciary, our freedom has been usurped 100% leaving us with 0%. 

The Constitutional protections of our freedom are now completely neutered and nullified.  We can no longer expect Judicial affirmation of the Constitutional protections of our freedom.  But that doesn't mean the government can't enslave us even more, it can and it's now abundantly clear that we have no recourse.  We are totally screwed, royally.

Even former Democrat Congressman Pete Stark believes that the "Federal Government can do most anything in this country."  The young lady who asked Pete about this has the same perspective as Lee that anything the government forces upon Americans enslaves them.  Given the indoctination function of the government education system, it's amazing that this young woman can think independtly and get it so right.  It's also encouraging.

These facts are what prompted Lee to run for U.S. Senator with the mission to "protect us from the government."  He will steadfastly vigorously oppose our further enslavement and promote restoration of our Creator endowed birthright of freedom.  It's our birthright, not the government's, at any level.

The usurpation of our freedom over the past two plus centuries has been a joint effort of both Democrats and Republicans.  As of 5 June 2017 our Creator endowed birthright of freedom became a corpse placed in a coffin with the cover tightly sealed and securely nailed shut.  But that wasn’t good enough for freedom hating Republicans (Lee concluded in the mid-2000s that Republicans do not believe in freedom which is why, after 5 decades, he switched to being an Independent.)

With their introduction of the National ID bill, Republicans are taking a stake in hand with the full intention of driving the stake through the cover of the coffin and forever embedding it in the heart of the corpse of our endowed birthright of freedom such that it will impossible to ever resuscitate it.  Aren’t those Republicans great folks?  Next time you see one, be sure to say “Thank you for your service" to our country.”

If you’re a member of the Republican base, how can you possibly vote for any Republican now that you know they don’t believe in freedom, especially if you yearn for freedom?  The same could be asked of Democrats, how can you vote for any Democrat now that you know they don’t believe in freedom, in the off chance that you may yearn for freedom? 

Of all the candidates for U.S. Senator from California, Lee is the only one who understands that a National ID is potentially life threatening.  He is the only candidate with the understanding of what the Republicans plan on doing to us, with the help of Democrats, and is the only candidate with the necessary passion, courage (backbone, guts, balls) and steadfastness for freedom to defeat their plan.  The only thing worse than a National ID is death.

If you yearn for freedom, don’t waste your vote on any Republican or Democrat, or any of other Independent candidates who are all clueless.  You need Lee as your Senator in order to see your Creator endowed freedom restored.  Lee knows what needs to be done, how to get the job done and if it requires the Creator’s help he knows "how to" get that.  (Lee will explain the "how to" in his forthcoming book, "Authentic Christianity:  Obedience, Repentance and Holiness.")  With Lee as your Senator, your Creator endowed birthright of freedom will be restored, guaranteed.

Our Creator endowed freedom is the birthright of every human being

Just to be clear, when Lee says our Creator endowed freedom is our birthright, he means for every human being.  He has a low threshold of tolerance for people who incessantly scream religious liberty, religious liberty, religious liberty.  This is because, as it should be apparent to all, they don't believe in liberty for all.  They only want their version of liberty while that adamantly oppose liberty (freedom) for others and push for laws to deny others their liberty.  The most obvious example is their desire for laws prohibiting consumption of simple things like certain weeds not on their approved list of weeds. 

In 2016 Lee, along with the majority of Californians (57.1%), voted in the affirmative on Proposition 64 (Marijuana Legalization).  Why did Lee vote yes?  Because when it comes to personal choices, choices that don’t affect anyone else, our Creator endowed birthright of freedom inherently confers the right to make the right choice or the wrong choice. 

Our Creator doesn’t demand that we make the right choices according to His or anyone else’s criteria, He lets us make either the right or wrong choices according to our own criteria; which may or may not match His.  Of course, we must be prepared to accept the consequence(s) of our choice(s).

Fundamentally, Proposition 64 was a personal choice issue.  The purpose of Proposition 64 was to repeal laws in effect that prohibited a person from making their own personal choice (one that doesn’t affect anyone else) by dictating a government approved choice with a penalty for making an unapproved choice.  These laws obviously violated our Creator endowed birthright of freedom to make either the right or wrong choice.  Therefore they had to be repealed.  For proponents of freedom the proper vote was yes.  That was the vote Lee cast. 

Those who voted no are the enemies of freedom.  You can guess who they are.  Like my mother always said, "Three guesses and the last two don't count."

As your Senator, Lee will vigorously oppose any law that restricts your Creator endowed birthright of freedom to make your own personal choice by dictating a government approved choice and penalizing an unapproved choice.  Lee will also promote the repeal of any such existing laws.   

Lee wants to make clear that our Creator endowed birthright of freedom has been given to all past human beings, to all current human beings (all 7.3 billion humans now living) and will be given to all future human beings.  It doesn’t matter if they’re Protestant, Satanist, Judaist, Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Atheist, Muslim, Copt, Confucian, Agnostic, Shaman, Sikh, Secularist, Animist, Male, Female, White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, Violet, Pink, Gray, Blue, or whatever.  Every human being has been, is or will be endowed with the birthright of freedom.  Period.

Unfortunately, due to the combined efforts of the Republicans and Democrats that have totally usurped our endowed birthright of freedom, Americans are “everywhere in chains” as so aptly stated by stated by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.  His full statement is quoted as the lead item of Lee’s website promoting 3 initiated constitutional amendments to the California constitution designed for “Breaking the Chains That Bind Us” and restore our birthright of freedom. 

The first initiative will free California residents age 55 and older from slavery by exempting them from paying income or property tax.  After all, after 30 years of slavery isn't it time that one be freed?  The second initiative will limit payment for the cost of enrollment in a government school to only the person(s) financially responsible for the student, no one else.  This will provide tax relief (freedom from slavery) to parents who enroll their children in private or home schools.  They will not have to also pay for government schools they don't use (nor will anyone else that doesn't use them).  The third initiative will establish (confirm) the Natural Law inviolable superior right of parents over the government regarding the content and means of education of their children.

Lee’s is tired of being a slave, tired of war and tired of poverty imposed upon us mundanes by the special interests for their benefit alone.  His overall thrust as your U.S. Senator will be to restore our Creator endowed birthright of freedom and promote peace with the ultimate goal of creating prosperity for all.

The bottom line is that Lee's fundamental mission as your U.S. Senator will be to protect Americans from further enslavement and pillage by an increasingly tyrannical government; to abolish existing legislation, regulations and policies that enslave and pillage us; and to restore our freedom, promote an environment of peace and ensure prosperity for all, not just the Special Interests. 

If you're a Frustrated Independent, a Disenchanted Republican, a Principled Libertarian or a Disaffected Democrat perpetually yearning for seemingly elusive Freedom, Peace and Prosperity, then Lee's your man.

Lee Needs the Support and Votes of Freedom, Peace and Prosperity Loving Americans to Become Your U.S Senator and Make it Happen  

If Lee’s mission of protecting us from enslavement and pillage by our increasingly tyrannical government, restoring freedom, promoting peace and ensuring prosperity for all, not just the Special Interests, resonates with your desires, hopes and dreams, then please click here - Donate - to contribute to getting the message out to as wide as audience as possible.  The limit for personal contributions is $2,600.  Therefore, it will take the support of all freedom loving citizens to ensure Lee becomes your U.S. Senator.  You can make recurring donations if that fits your budget better.  Your support will be genuinely appreciated.

The Welcomed Rise of Independents

Lee was a Republican for 5 decades.  When he finally realized that Republicans don't believe in freedom he changed his registration to Independent.  But, he's not the only person making the change to Independent.  Commenting on the abuses of security agencies, Charles Hugh Smith observed:

The task of uncovering security agencies' abuses of power is made more difficult by the rise of political polarization. Unmasking abuses of power shouldn't be a partisan issue, and the nation's best hope is the rise of independents who view both parties with revulsion born of the status quo's profound failures to defend the rights and livelihoods of the bottom 95%.

Here's a chart showing the rise of Independents.

If you're an Independent whose revulsion, and desire to defend the rights and livelihoods of the bottom 95%, matches Lee's, then he's your man.  The rise of Independents bodes well for the mission Lee is on to "protect us from the government."  Independents, let's get together and win in order to not only defend ourselves from the government but to take back our Creator endowed birthright of freedom.  There's an excellent likelihood that we will be joined by a host of Disenchanted Republicans, Disaffected Democrats and Principled Libertarians as well. 

It's an indisputable fact that we currently live under the Death paradigm of “Slavery, War and Poverty for all but the Special Interests.”  Lee will lead us into the Life paradigm intended for us of “Freedom, Peace and Prosperity for all.”

As a reminder, California residents have a unique, and possibly one time only, opportunity to choose between Life or Death.  Residents of other states don’t have that opportunity.  They only have the standard choice we’ve been given all these years of the choice between fast Death (Democrats) and slow Death (Republicans).  Both choices being Death choices because they both operate under the Death paradigm of “Slavery, War and Poverty for all but the Special Interests.”

On 5 Jun California voters will make the only choice that matters between 1 of 2 choices.  Repeat, nothing else matters.  The choice that they make will determine the direction they will be lead in.  The direction of Life or the direction of Death.  Therefore, they will be making a Life or Death decision on 5 June.  Lee is the only candidate that will provide leadership in the direction of Life.  All other candidates are the candidates of Death who will continue to lead us down the same path of Death we've been constrained to for multiple decades.

Choose wisely.

On June 5, 2018 vote for
Lee Olson for U.S. Senate


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